13 June 2013

Its been a while

When I last wrote on this blog, nearly two years ago, I was preparing to depart Afghanistan.  In the intervening time, I returned to DC, reconnected with friends, found in a job in development (of the international flavour), fell in love, got a dog, and made a new life in the States, only to realize that what I really wanted was to be back in the field.  If I’m being honest, I also had to, were I serious about my career going anywhere.  With the help of some savvy friends, I found a Swiss humanitarian outfit that was willing to take a risk and got on a plane for the Democratic Republic of Congo.  I’ll be popping around the eastern provinces (based in Province Orientale) for the next year or so, working on issues a variety of relief and recovery interventions.  It’s a new paradise with the same old notes.